Saturday, September 13, 2008

Javablu Award

My new friend, Ed, gave me the Javablu award. I am so thrilled and happy to get my first blog award! Ed is a fantastic artist I met at Gothic Arches. It's nice to have made her acquitance and I hope we'll be fast friends for a long time! I'm following her artwork and it's quite wonderful. Now, this award has to be passed to five other artists.
I'd like to pass this award to Patty Szymkowicz and her Magpie's Nest blog. I met Patty once a few years ago at a LSS and have so admired her art ever since.
Next to Sandie R. and her Sandie's Sanctuary blog...great lady, great art!
#3 to Lydia and her Kenning Stone blog...I can't say enough about her beautiful art!
#4 to Caryl H. and her gorgeous Caryl's Realm blog. What talent! I really admire Caryl.
#5 I'd like to give back to Ed because she does deserve it!
There are so many others I'd like to pass this to, but that will have to wait. Bravo to my favorite 5!


~*~Patty S said...

What a lovely award Lynn and all the more special from a talented and special art friend like yourself :) Thank you SO much for thinking of me and selecting me for the Javablu Award.....that's really special. oxo

Ed said...

Thanks Lynn, I am soo chuffed to receive it back from such a talented lady - thanks for your lovely comments, I too, am glad we met xx

peggy gatto said...

Say, I had fun visiting! I love your hydraenga photo as well as your art!

carylsrealm said...

Oh, thank you SO much! I apologize for not getting here sooner! Your comment got stuck in the bottom of my inbox!