Monday, October 22, 2012

Witch Bottle

With my DIL's help, I created a witch bottle using an image from MoonlightJourney.  I scrubbed some silver and red polish on the inside, hoping to tone down the glass.  Kathy did all the wire work, being in a cast prevented that, any she does much nicer work than I ever could, so she's a great partner!  Turned out not too bad for someone who's not supposed to be overworking her right hand! LOL!  Hope all is well, and as ever, mighty glad you stopped by

Friday, October 12, 2012

Surgery Done!

Long absence! I'm in a hard cast. The 3 surgeries are done on my right hand, but the carpal tunnel redo was not what I expected. When the dressing came off, while I don't normally faint, I did get really sick to my stomach. What should have been 2 stitches turned out to be 12. The scar is ugly and raised and my DIL says she'll be surprised if the whole thing isn't one big keloid. But it needed to be done. The thumb is fixed, too! Yay!  The cast comes off early November. That will be like an early Christmas present...but I do have a bright green cast!  LOL!  I'm not being the best patient, supposed to rest the hand, but have tried to do a little bit of art work. Surprising how tired and sore the hand gets. I usually require a pain pill by day's end. Tells you how bad I am! So I made a little Halloween treat for my GF in Chicago and for Moonlight Journey who have been very patient with me through all my absences!  Missed everyone!  Ok, enough typing, time for the pain pill.  Take to all!