Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is coming! Well, it's almost here! I haven't done any baking yet. I've tried to get some art done. Here's one of 3 pennants I made using Moonlight Journey images. They're a present for a friend who is knee deep in snow, they're on their way to her tonight. The right hand is still rehabbing, I'm told 2 months of PT and to wait at least 6 months before my handwriting improves. It needed improvement before surgery anyway! LOL! Hope to be back with another project before Christmas...it involves snowmen! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It has been a while since I've been here. My right hand has given me problems since surgery. I finally called the surgeon's office for a script to occupational therapy. My hand has gone through the "wringer", I guess, or is it old age? Hmm...debatable. Anyway, significant swelling and a lot of pain throughout the whole hand, especially the knife edge of hand down into the wrist. If I make a sweeping motion (like to sweep crumbs off the table), forget it, the pain feels like I've sprained it. She's not sure why, unless it's nerve damage. So, I have 3 new exercises to add to 3 I've been doing, was doing the massage of the bump from trigger release all wrong (never told how to do it)..but big problem is I can't write more than 25 words or so before I have to quit. So art making is slow going. Even using the mouse is painful. But, I have made some things.  My Moustache is a simple schmooch of gesso, once dried, I colored with Lyra aquacolor crayons and went over them with a slightly wet brush. I'm trying!