Monday, January 28, 2008

Life's Been Crazy

There's a 4 yr. old in my house and, holy smokes, life is topsy turvy! No time for art, just go go go! I have managed a thing or that's not necessarily true. Working on a special blades for Paper Whimsy. What a challenge. Of course, I kind of wander away from how a fan is...all similar blades, but that's how I go. Well, I think I here my big kids coming home, so I can get to bed!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy! Busy!

I haven't been able to post! My granddaughter has come to stay for a few weeks while her mom is in Viet Nam visiting family and friends, so life is in double time right now. I ordered some needle felting supplies, which I dearly want to try, and I haven't even opened the box yet! Between work and Jessica, there's not a lot of me time, but that's ok, my son and daughter in law are a HUGE help. So, I'm afraid very little in the way of art has gotten done.
Mario Frangoulis, my absolutely favorite tenor, has a new CD out, but I'm going to have to order it through GreekShops...what a yourself a favor and listen to a sound bite at
Oh, one thing I did do, my son Barry and I entered the Borders poetry contest. It's being judged by former U.S. Poet Laurette Mark Strand...wohoo! I can't understand why Mary Oliver hasn't been chosen as Poet Laurette, she's got such a wonderful voice. Well, I'm excited!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Pride

I just posted the link to my son, Barry's, blog. He's a poet and a horticulturalist. He's been writing and growing things and drawing since he was just a little fellow...the artwork came first. I'll embarrass him by revealing that I have a lot of elementary art in a folder tucked away to show his little boy, Gabriel, when Gabe is old enough to start elementary school himself! Right now, Gabe is waiting...and so are we. I'm sure his mom, Tammy, is singing to him already. She's a darling, I'm a lucky MIL. I just wished I lived closer to those two. I miss them a great deal. Well, it's late, so I guess I'll say goodnight.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Come and Gone

Doesn't Christmas come too fast and go too soon...or does that mean I'm getting too old? I was looking around for recent pictures of my granddaughter and discovered my son hasn't gotten around to loading them onto the computer yet, but I found the 2006 file and couldn't resist showing her off...she's pretending to be a little angel here in this photo. Sometimes she's not so bad at it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

2008 is here! Coming from a Polish background, our tradition on New Year's Eve was to eat herring on rye bread, and to have silver (like quarters and dimes) by your plate. Don't ask me the significance, I don't remember! I'll have to google it someday and see what I can find. The herring was never a big thrill for me or my kids and last night, we let it slide. I called mom last night and she reminded me not to give away any change today...the superstition there is you give away your leave your pocket change at home today!

I know here in Virginia and deeper South, black eyed peas are the tradition, but I keep forgetting to buy them! Is it too late to go to the grocery store? Oh the meantime, I think I'll just go post some art and perhaps that will be a better tradition! I hope 2008 brings us all peace and joy and good health.