Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

2008 is here! Coming from a Polish background, our tradition on New Year's Eve was to eat herring on rye bread, and to have silver (like quarters and dimes) by your plate. Don't ask me the significance, I don't remember! I'll have to google it someday and see what I can find. The herring was never a big thrill for me or my kids and last night, we let it slide. I called mom last night and she reminded me not to give away any change today...the superstition there is you give away your abundance...so leave your pocket change at home today!

I know here in Virginia and deeper South, black eyed peas are the tradition, but I keep forgetting to buy them! Is it too late to go to the grocery store? Oh well...in the meantime, I think I'll just go post some art and perhaps that will be a better tradition! I hope 2008 brings us all peace and joy and good health.

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Linda said...

Love your comments about your Polish heritage. Would you by chance know how the name "Peter"
translates to Polish? My older son
Anthony is "Antek" I believe. My
grandma came from Poland at age 18.
Thanks! Very interesting blog!