Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After

Ok...I went back to work. Oh was awfully quiet! Good, I was able to actually get my work done for a change - that's a real treat. But I was anxious to get home. It seems like I'm totally caught up on making Gothic arches. Actually, I have a commitment to make 3 for the PaperWhimsy group, and I didn't want to fall behind (which is easy to do) so I got home and hit my artroom full tilt and got one done. I am pretty happy with it to. I have switched to Golden acrylic paints...lovely! Worth the money. I might try going back and doing some painting like the old days with the Goldens.

And today is my mom's 85th birthday. She spent it with a ladyfriend. Wish I could have flown home to Chicago. She's one determined lady, I have to say! I have made copies of several old pictures of her with her mom and sisters and I'm going to start making an altered book for her. Gram did lots of sewing and baking, so I should be able to get some good themes going. Time to put on the thinking cap!

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shauna said...

I love your gothic arch art! The Merry and Bright one is my favorite, but I also love the one for your friend, but then the first one-well you get the idea- I love them all-LOL! Have you seen the gothic arch kit (I think it's a kit) at Altered Pages? If not, you must check it out! Of course, since you already do them you probably wouldn't need to buy it, but you might just want to see it. I did order it so I would have the template. I haven't received it yet though. Can't wait to get started with some! I just love the shape! Congrats on starting your blog! I started one but barely and as soon as I get some art posted on it later in Jan. then I'll share it on some Yahoo groups. I also wanted to say I think it's so wonderful that your Mom is 85 and still enjoying going out with her friends! That's great!