Monday, January 24, 2011

Take a Word - Botanical

Finally decided to work on trying to journal. I threw acrylics, glazes and other goodies at it until the page curled! :o) The print is sort of small, but I wrote "The flowers taught her that her dreams were always possible." Hopefully, I'll get better as time progresses.


Sandie R said...

Lynn, a very nice depiction of the word. You might be operating at 50% but yout art is nothing less than 100%

~*~Patty S said...

gorgeous piece Missy!
those soft pastels are ooo so lovely

thinking of you always!
take care!

Faye said...

This is a gorgeous page, Lynn. It has such lovely colors.

I don't understand the purpose of art journals so I've never tried to do one. I think the pages are gorgeous, but how does one close the thing with all the collaged textures? And how are they stored?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh stunning work again,its always so lovely to visit and see your beautiful artwork
I have a freebie on my dezinaworld blog today for just one day and thought i would also let you know about it so you can grab it while its there. Have a lovely week
take care for now

Lori Saul said...

Very beautiful journal work with vintage flair and soft muted tones!

Rhonda said...

This is lovely and that quote is perfect! I hope your recovery is going well. cheers - Rhonda

Ozstuff said...

Lynn, your botanical journal page is exquisite - so soft, so elegant, so beautiful. It is one of those pieces that make us say "Ahhhhhhhhhh". Superb.