Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Lead Garland Swap

I'm participating in a swap over at RedLead Paperworks...this one is a chipboard garland swap. I love birds and incorporating them in a Christmas theme was very easy to do. Otherwise, I've been in a creative funk of sorts. I do have some painting to do, unfortunately, it's completing touch-up on my walls. Had a contractor, but the guy bailed on me and stuck me with unfinished work while absconding with my money. Thinking about small claims court, but I know I'll never get my money back. But I do have to finish the work he started. Guess who's going to learn how to mitre? Keep your fingers crossed!


Junibears said...

I really love your bird piece and it's such a lovely shape.
Sorry about your workman! There are some real crooks about.
June xx

Sandie R said...

Lynn I love what you have done with the birds. It is a beautiful piecee.

Sorry to hear your contractor bailed with your money and unfinished work. Hope you have reprted him to the better business bureau.