Friday, May 1, 2009


Ah, the age of electronic gadgets, computers, I-Pods and all that...I'm frustrated to the MAX! I bought an HP C4400 scanner/printer and my son installed it all well and good. Had it for a few months...a bit ago it wouldn't scan, so my son diagnosed, everything seemed in order, so what do you do when the beast won't work? Reboot. Pull out plugs!!! Normally, I have to pull out the plug to get the thing to work. But it's so will print, but when I try to scan it won't work even with pulling out the plug. Then it will just print a test page! What a waste of ink and paper! So, it's down again...not that I've been creating that much. I'm back at work, you see, and pretty well blocked and stymied.

Can you tell I'm very frustrated? I think I will have to find a new printer/scanner...I'm afraid I'll heave the silly thing out a window...and temptation is very near! If you have suggestions about a good, reasonable printer/scanner, I'd be most grateful!!!

But I've been looking at the art on some of my favorite blogs below...and it's balm to my frustrated soul right now!

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Sandie R said...

Hey Lynn have you tried updating your printer/scanner drivers from Hps website. Also if it is still under warranty I'd give them a call and see if they have suggestions.