Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bibbidi Boppidi Ball

Doesn't that sound like a fantastic ball to attend? We're creating gowns for it at PaperWhimsy. I decided to create mine out of paper since my sewing skills are less than....well, less than. I can remember long ago, when I was young and foolish, I decided to sew my wedding gown out of this eyelit fabric. I liked the A-lines (just dated myself) and chose a pattern and went to work. I didn't show it to anyone, and actually sewed a decent hem. Finally came the day to model it for my mom and gram....I was so proud of it...and while they thought I did a good, neat job, they thought I looked like a walking curtain. So much for that dress! LOL! Actually the fabric was more suitable for curtains, I was stubborn and wanted what I wanted. Plus I've had other major sewing disasters...fabric and I don't get along.

So back to the ball, when I decided to do a paper dress, I didn't realize how much fun I'd have. After all, I used to love paper dolls when I was a kid, and it just gave my inner child a chance to get out there and play. Hope you like it. I call it the Flower Maiden's gown.

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