Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wonderful Sunday

I spent the day with my wonderful friend, Lena (Bobbi!). I've known her since 1985 when she came to work at Fort Belvoir. She helped me through the difficult days of my divorce and we went through the aches and pains of our two sons growing up and going through tough times. She's my Angel Unaware...always has been and, I'm sure, always will be. She moved up near Baltimore so we hardly get to see one another now, but keep in touch by e-mail, but today, we made up for lost time. She's a fantastic artist...boy, what she can do with a needle is something else...a quilter extraordinaire...and she designed and sewed miniature bears, of which I have a few! We used to do craft shows when I used to do my artsy fartsy painting and they were always great fun. Now, Lena does some beautiful we sat in Borders and she worked her magic and made me a new keychain. A lovely amethyst piece. Luckily, she brought her camera and asked a lady to take our picture. So, here we are. I'm the redhead and she's the blond. Maybe you can see her wings....

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