Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blast from the Past

Well, here I am again! My friend, Cindy, dropped me a note about her Gothic arch book and said when she got to the last page she got a "blast from the past" when she saw our pictures. So, my neck is safe! LOL!!! I'm happy I created that for her. I have some plans to put together a scrapbook she can use for her grandkids...she takes loads of pictures, so since her birthday will be here soon, I'd best get busy.

I just finished an interesting project for the Paper Whimsy group. Paris Lights Fan Blades. Lovely challenge. I used Structures fan flades by Provo Craft. Paper, glitter, Svarovski gems, lace trim, German scrap, and Paper Whimsy images along with the Eiffel tower in most cases and, viola, my fan blades!

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