Monday, October 22, 2012

Witch Bottle

With my DIL's help, I created a witch bottle using an image from MoonlightJourney.  I scrubbed some silver and red polish on the inside, hoping to tone down the glass.  Kathy did all the wire work, being in a cast prevented that, any she does much nicer work than I ever could, so she's a great partner!  Turned out not too bad for someone who's not supposed to be overworking her right hand! LOL!  Hope all is well, and as ever, mighty glad you stopped by


Sandy said...

Wow this is great.
Fantastic design.
Love it.

Sandie R said...

You are doing great work even with one hand (and a little help). Wonderful bottle,love the shape and colours.

~*~Patty S said...

Your altered bottle is wonderful and made all the more special by collaborating with your DIL = how special is that!

Take care and I think you are a trooper not letting a cast keep you from creating!

Ed said...

113Still love your work, even one handed, it's a good job your DIL and you have minds that think alike, because you've produced an epic piece of artwork, I love it, and thanks for popping over to mine xxx