Monday, November 28, 2011


My son is the greenhouse manager at Oklahoma State University.  Right now, they are preparing for their poinsettia sale.  Summer 2010 I had the pleasure of working in the greenhouse preparing the cuttings for planting...that was in August.  The small 3 leaf cuttings are in 4 inch pots.  There are rows and rows of these lovely little plants growing into the awesome flowers of red, white and pink.  And there's the Winter Rose with a ruffled leaf that's just heavenly.  Each species must be carefully planted.  You use gloves and have to reglove when you change species to prevent contamination.  I loved doing it!

So, here's my shameless plug...Barry is interviewed on local Oklahoma TV in this clip!  Have a look and listen, please!  And if you are in Oklahoma...go buy a poinsettia at OSU, you will not be sorry, I promise!


~*~Patty S said...

What a handsome fellow your son is and those green thumbs ;)!!!

You must be so tickled to see your son doing so well and that news clip is wonderful Lynn!

Cutting and pasting the link was a little tricky but I finally got it :)

I bet that 1 Dec Sale is a flurry of activity ... extra cool you got to play in the greenhouse too...
Love it!!!

Happy Holidays my sweet friend

peggy gatto said...

What fun!!!