Monday, April 26, 2010

Unknown flower is known!

My son was right...the unknown flower is a's called a viburnum snowball bush! Mystery solved! CORRECTION: It's not a snowball bush. After scanning the actual leaf arrangement (arrangement is probably an incorrect botanical term!!), he was able to tell it's a European Cranberry (Viburnum) bush that is most likely sterile...I'm going to watch the bush to see if it bears fruit. He was telling me they have some old grape vines at the University that he's yet to see fruit on because the birds love it so much. Not sure if this is the case here, but there are loads of birds in our yards and that could be why!!!


Faye said...

We have several viburnum bushes. They got chopped back last year because they were higher than the eaves in the back of the house. Now that spring is here they've taken off again and are getting on up there again. We removed a whole line of about a dozen of them a few years ago because they got so leggy. The flowers are pretty.

Faye said...

Lynn, I meant to say that there are several types of viburnum. Mine is the leatherleaf viburnum, which is supposedly semi-evergreen. However, it has never lost all the leaves. In very cold weather, the leaves curl up some but stay attached. I'm in your climate zone, I think.

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