Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Muses - Birds of a Feather

Nuts....I'm so challenged on photos! I bought a new digital camera and really haven't had much time to play with it. For the Muses challenge, I created a shrine and painted, glued and used lace and ephemera on it. I grabbed the camera, took a couple of pictures, uploaded it...felt proud of myself for getting there...and then ran into a brick wall in sizing the thing. I think I just didn't play enough in PowerPoint to get the picture to where I wanted it to be...but I'm running out of time on this challenge, so I put it up with what I had done. And in this Google Blog, if you can enlarge a pic by clicking on it, I don't know how! Hmph! Probably need to go back to school!


Sandy said...

OMG this is stunning.
Unbelievable work and design. Love them.

Ozstuff said...

Hi Lynn! I enlarged your beautiful artpiece by using a button on my keyboard which allows me to zoom in. It must be so frustrating for you to put all that work into a project, only to come to grief with the sizing.
When you upload your picture on to your blog, there should be a choice of three sizes in the drop-down box. If you select large there should be no problems. Most pictures on blogs can be enlarged by clicking on them. I will see if I can find out if there needs to be a setting changed so that you can do just that.
Cheers from Marie.

Sandie R said...

What I can see looks good (I can't make it bigger). I have trouble getting good pictures without shine.

Jacqueline said...

Very romantic!