Monday, December 28, 2009

No Art, but Cooking Adventures

I used to like to cook, but for the last few years it's become more of a chore. I do like FoodNetwork, tho...and Saturday I caught Ann Burrell's "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" - she was making French Onion Soup and Ham and Mortadella with Provolone and Spicy red pepper sauce sandwiches (phew, try saying that fast three times).

I had never had Mortadella before. I read the reviews and all the folks who made the recipe raved about it. And I love French Onion printed out the recipes and got the ingredients.

Now, French Onion Soup is labor gotta let it simmer for a long time. I cut up 8 onions, and you know what takes the tears out of onions? You freeze them first! I didn't know it. Sure enough...8 onions, no tears!

I didn't know Mortadella was a high end bologna with bits of pistachio and fat in it..but it was pretty tasty. Nice new experience!

So, I spent Sunday cooking all afternoon...but I have to tell you, it was so worth it!!!! Those sandwiches (on ciabatta bread) are so good that you literally want to fall down and worship!!! :o)

Even the hot pepper sauce, I couldn't find Fresno (red) peppers at Wegman's, so had to settle for Anaheim peppers which are green. I figured Anaheim is in California, too, so that would have to do (LOL, one has nothing to do with the other!)

Hmmm...maybe I'll sign up for cooking school!!! LOL!!! But I will say...Ann Burrell knows her stuff!! Wooohoooo!!!

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